Tall Shallow Terracotta Shoe Rack with Doors - 85x93x24cm

Width 85cm • Height 93cm • Depth 24cm

Colour Terracotta

Hold tight, we're putting your shelf together...

Tall Shallow Terracotta Shoe Rack with Doors - 85x93x24cm

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Three reasons to fall in love

Fit every shoe

Fit every shoe

Choose segments and customise size to fit your favourite sneakers and winter boots all in one place.

Optimise your space

Optimise your space

Go for a depth of 24cm for a shoe rack to help you stay organised in small spaces .

Sit on it

Sit on it

Take a seat on our extra sturdy shoe shelf whilst putting on and taking off your shoes.

Design yours now

Welcome harmony into your home

At Tylko, our mission is to bring more peace and balance into your space, away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Why? Because we believe that more harmony at home makes people happier.

Welcome harmony into your home

Discover the meaning of harmony

Tailored to your lifestyle

Personalise colour, size and style to create storage that fully adapts to how you live.

Fits like a glove

Adjust height, width and depth for furniture that fits your space just right, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with it.

Built to last

Feel good about choosing a thoughtfully-crafted product that's kind to the environment, and will last you a lifetime.

Minimalist with a bold spirit

Customer reviews

4,9/5 based on 8303 reviews

Tylko is an innovative concept, really to recommend !

Tylko is an innovative concept, really to recommend !

We are very satisfied with the library, the assembly is very easy and fast, the directions really clear. Everything is very well packaged and in excellent condition with a super nice delivery man who does not hesitate to unload right in front of the door. ​ We are really enthusiastic, we will definitely recommend Tylko to our friends. In addition to being able to configure our future furniture "to measure" while remaining at an affordable price is really the strong point of your concept. Congratulations to you. Laurence & Xavier​.

Great product, but amazing experience!

Great product, but amazing experience!

Where do I start? At the bottom line, probably. Every step was a pleasant surprise. From design to box disposal. I was impressed by the ease to design our own furniture and the sense that everything is allowed... by the millimeter. When we got stuck, we were kindly assisted by a representative via chat, who solved our problem. After ordering, an estimate was sent to us, which proved accurate. An update was sent every two weeks and the notice to coordinate delivery arrived as planned. Securing delivery was also simple. The delivery driver was a bit off timeslot, but he was all by himself, and climbed all the way up with 5 big and heavy boxes with a smile on his face. The boxes themselves are a work of art, with smart, tight, protected packaging, leaving no chance for busts, scratches or breakages (within reasonable, I guess). We'll get back to the boxes. Opening the boxes was another nice step, finding the personalized assembly instructions(!) and all bits and pieces clearly labelled and matching the instructions. After preparing the room, it was time to start the assembly. The was also a breeze, with the click system just working and everything just went into place. Even the backboard was split into pieces, which made it easy for me to leave one out, where I needed to. In here I have 2 tips for those who decide to assemble their own furniture: a) Triple check you are clicking the correct pieces together and that they are the right way up/down/left/right. I missed on one, and couldn't find a way to detach it without risking damage to the piece. Luckily it was a symmetrical piece, so it had no impact to the construct, except for my pride. b) We had a few long pieces, more than 2 meters. They were more tricky to assemble, but this is what the included hammer-hit dampener (yes!!!) came into play. Don't be shy to use it! I spent a good 20 minutes trying to to it by hand, but within a few well-placed hits the shelf was in place. Once the furniture was finished, I could take a step back and appreciate the quality of this thing. It's sturdy, the color was constant and bang on, and there were no places where you usually find cost-cutting. The drawers also fit perfectly and are smooth and quiet. After assembly is finished, it was time to dispose of the boxes, which was another pleasant surprise. The boxes are 100% cardboard (I don't recall Styrofoam) and included places where you could easily fold and fold and fold the box... until even the 2.5 meter packages found themselves easily shoved into the notoriously narrow slot of the local paper recycling bin. I enjoy looking at that furniture and just loved the experience.

Great design and easy to build

Great design and easy to build

A thoroughly well thought out customer experience. Arrived well protected, super easy to assemble not an Allen key in sight, and it even was laid out in the box in the right order to build. Quality bit of furniture, we love it

Exceeded our expectations on every level!

Exceeded our expectations on every level!

Rarely are there companies that just do everything right, but Tylko is one of them! Designing our sideboard on the website was easy and fun, the communication throughout was amazing and the delivery time was WEEKS shorter than expected. Putting the piece together was a good experience too, with clear instructions and the "clicking" system was super handy. We love the color as well, we have another painted terracotta wall in the same room so this was a great match. 100% would recommend and we're currently looking for more space in our apartment just to be able to buy more ;-) If I had to list one improvement (and that was hard to find) it would be refunding the money for the samples if someone does decide to proceed with an order. Or, for example, facilitate a way to pass on the samples to another interested customer in our city, because now we would just throw them out which feels like a shame because they're great quality!

Easy assembling with fun, excellent customer service and very good quality

Easy assembling with fun, excellent customer service and very good quality

This was already my 3rd shelf from tylko. The assembling procedure is meanwhile a family event with a lot of fun. This shelf needed appox. 45 min being done. It was the first time I ordered drawers and I'm really impressed how easy it was to get them done, well thouht through system. Never saw sth similar before! Top!

Amazing product!

Amazing product!

Better than I even imagined. Just love it. I don’t understand how you can make something so easy to assemble. Every time I needed a new piece it was at the top of the box. It was fantastic! I had some problems with the delivery company, but Tylko solve the problem for me super fast. No doubt my next shelves will be from Tylko!

Amazing bookcase

Amazing bookcase

Really easy to assemble) The bookcase looks superb!

Amazing product and design

Amazing product and design

Everything was perfect and we are super happy with our new tylko shelves. It was easy to build and looks beautiful. Thank you for everything, we truly recommend your products!



Mit diesem Regal bin ich rundherum zufrieden. Die Qualität ist top. Nach meiner Bestellung mußte ich noch eine Änderung vornehmen. Dies war ohne Probleme möglich. Die Lieferung und Aufstellung des Regals lief genauso problemlos ab. Die Mitarbeiter waren pünktlich, der Aufbau wurde präzise ausgeführt und ich bin mit dieser Firma rundherum zufrieden. Sollte ich wieder einmal etwas benötigen werde ich Tylko wählen. Das Regal sieht toll aus und die Qualität läßt keine Wünsche offen. Vielen Dank!

Beautiful product and excellent service

Beautiful product and excellent service

I would strongly recommend Tylko to my friends, actually been doing so since the arrival of our first Tylko shelf. Highlights for me: - (almost entirely) customisable product, easy to choose and get inspiration from the website - excellent service, regardless whether it's before or after the purchase is made - much easier to put together, compared with other brands of similar sized furniture I will definitely buy again!



Well packed, clear instructions, easy to mount, great quality. (one tiny error on back panels, but easy to fix)

In seventh heaven!

In seventh heaven!

So excited about my new library! The Tylko system is realy genious: so easy to assemble with the shelves already sitting in the correct order in the cardboard box, and with stickers on the shelves to help you lay them in the right direction. Very clear manual. Piece of cake! I’ve ordered 3 bookcases: one for the wall on the left, one for the wall on the right and a third one to connect the other two... looks great! Communication about when they would deliver was also very correct. I’m over the moon with the Tylko service and would recommend to everyone!

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Product details

Shelf parameters


85 cm


93 cm


24 cm

Compartment max load

- kg

Shelf max load

- kg



  • Weighted to self-close
  • Extruded aluminum handles


  • Extendable runners for deep access
  • Weighted to self-close
  • Extruded aluminum handles

Shelf feet

  • Adjustable to fit uneven floors

What's Included

  • a personalised instruction manual
  • a padded tool to disassemble your shelf
  • wall fasteners and universal screws for safety purposes
  • floor-protecting pads to protect floors


Click it together. Quick and easy.

Save valuable time and energy with our colour-coded, click-together assembly system. Just unpack the numbered boxes in order, follow the easy instructions and you’ll have your shelf up in minutes.


Our click-in system and rigid back panels ensure that every Tylko shelf is incredibly stable. However for your safety, securing the shelf to the wall is mandatory. We include all of the necessary wall mounting hardware in every order so you can safely attach your Tylko to the wall.


  • Pre-mounted hinge hardware
  • Click together to connect


  • Pre-mounted slider hardware
  • Parts easily click together
  • Slide in the shelf to complete
  • Max load bearing: 30kg

Material and quality


Our certified particle board is 18 mm thick for durability and sturdiness. It won’t sag, even after years of use. It features wrapped edges with a sleek concealing band to create a smooth, unnoticeable edge and a flawless, full-colour finish. The desktop is constructed from HPL for excellent scratch, damp and dirt resistance, and long-lasting durability that’s ready to get to work.

Caring for your Shelf


Free Returns

If for any reason you’re not happy with your shelf, we’ll pick it back up for free within 100 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Free delivery

We professionally deliver your Tylko shelf for free – right to your doorstep. It will arrive in labelled flat pack boxes for quick, easy assembly.


We ship to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom.

The Tylko guarantee


Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between the Type01 and Type02 shelves?

The Type01 and Type02 are both based on the same iconic Tylko shelf design and feature the same customisation options. Both are delivered in flat packs, and utlilise our easy click-in assembly system. The key difference between the two product families lies in the general design approach and the materials used. The Type01 is our original design, focusing on natural materials and classic style that will stand the test of time, while the Type02 line is a more adventurous approach, with the shelves available in a range of trendy colours with fully-wrapped edges for a bold and sleek look. Check out our comparison page

How will I know if a shelf colour will suit my home?

We offer sample kits that let you experience our great colours and finishes – perfect if you’re having a hard time deciding! You can order three different sample kits at the bottom of this page. We can also provide the RAL/NCS codes for all of our colours.

Is a Tylko shelf safe to use in a child’s room?

Absolutely! Each shelf is made from emission-free, non-toxic particle board, andfeatures a natural veneer top and a water-based lacquer that’s safe for little and largepeople. We offer rounded handles and soft-close doors and drawers so no fingers canget caught, as well as wall mounts for extra stability. Because of our furniture’sergonomic features, our furniture is suitable to be handled by children over the age of 12.

How does the 100-day free return work?

Try your shelf for 100 days. If for any reason you’re not happy with it, we’ll pick it back up for free and give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Why do you offer only three row sizes?

Our three row heights are influenced by the common everyday objects of our customers – things like photo frames, vinyl records, oversized coffee table books and shoeboxes. The three heights (18 cm, 28 cm, 38 cm) have been carefully designed so that no matter how much you adjust or adapt them, they won’t sway or sag under weight.

The Tylko difference

Delivered in flat-pack boxes

We deliver manageable, numbered flat pack boxes right to your doorstep. A personalised manual takes you through the assembly process.

Easy click-in assembly

Each part has colour-coded connectors to make assembly fast. Your shelf is also easy to disassemble so you can take it with you when you move.

100 days to settle in

If for any reason you’re not happy with your shelf, we’ll pick it back up for free within 100 days and give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Sample kits for Type01 and Type02 Shelves

Can’t decide? Order our sample sets and experience the premium quality of our colours and materials firsthand.

Sample kits for Type01 and Type02 Shelves

Order samples

Tylko looking good in your homes

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